“It don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing” Duke Ellington

Yoga for Golfers® is a mind/body approach to golf fitness that provides the necessary training to enhance overall golf performance. Golf fitness is one of the fastest growing trends of the golf industry and yoga is the hottest physical training program on the PGA and LPGA tours today.

Golf is a chance to relax unwind, do business, and exercise, but the desire to improve ones scores is present even in the weekend golfer. Few golfers associate the need for physical conditioning with their desire for improved performance. Golf is a rotational sport and the golfer must be able to repeatedly rotate efficiently and explosively.

There are many phases of the golf swing that are affected by restriction. An effective swing requires a full rotation of spine shoulder ribs and hips. The spine is required to coil and uncoil during the dynamic phase of the swing. The repetitive nature of the swing along with bending and twisting puts wear and tear on the body. The more you can turn your trunk the further you will hit the ball. If your body cannot execute rotation of the spine your still going to have a hard time no longer how many lessons you take.

By doing a few simple strengthening and conditioning exercises you can strengthen your upper body wrist and forearms to boost power in your swing as well as strengthen hips for better weight shifts and maximize hip rotation for the back swing and follow through. One of the most important factors of golf fitness training is your posture. Incorrect posture directly influences inconsistent shots and possible back injury.

The golfer can enter their game with more ease during challenging shots if they understand the value of breathing techniques. Deep breathing has a direct effect on improving rhythm and tempo, relieving tension and improving focus and concentration. Relaxation techniques are used to quite the over-active mind and visualize desired outcome.  Through this program golfers will:

  • Improve swing rotation
  • Stretch and strengthen golf specific muscles
  • Increase power and distance
  • Improve balance, focus, and concentration
  • Develop a strong core
  • Reduce chance of injury

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