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It’s never too late or too early take improve your health. The fixation on Anti-aging can distract us from Healthy aging! Lifestyle habits for better or worse will affect how rapidly we age!

All of us would like to live active, healthy lives, ward off illness, defy aging, and grow older gracefully.

Some negative signs of aging are poor posture, loss of energy, weight gain, chronic aches and pains, and arthritis.

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If you’ve been wanting to get back into fitness and don’t know where to begin, this class is for you! It was created with the “everyday” person in mind! You’ll learn to ease the body into motion, a variety of choreographed moves that work all the muscle groups, and simple yet powerful breathing exercises.

Grab your towel and sneakers and join me on October 15th at 10am at the Women’s Empower Expo in Ft. Lauderdale.

You want to be strong enough to dance around the floor, prance around the park, and walk or run up a flight of stairs without difficulty!

Click here to see the lineup of speakers, workshops, and instructors, and to grab your ticket!

Have Fun with Fitness!

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Allison Miller | LiveSmartCoaching.comWalk into any gym with the confidence that you know the basic aerobic dance moves, joint safety, and proper alignment keeping it safe, keeping it fun!

Dance Fitness is a string of choreographed dance and fitness moves using the large muscle groups in a rhythmic format for a sustained period for cardiovascular health. Why do I love dance fitness?

Because I lose myself and find myself at the same time!

Come join me at…

Women Empower Expo 2016
October 15th | Fort Lauderdale



Good Health is More Than Fitness and Nutrition

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Every day I continue to learn that good health is more than fitness and nutrition! Emotional fitness is an important piece in the 7 dimensions of wellness.

Emotional health affects our physical body greatly by changing cell structure and creating hormonal imbalances, not to mention how it wreaks havoc on our mind!

Emotional health is the ability to resolve even the most difficult challenges of your life. It requires us to let go of the toxic emotions of fear, anger, resentment, guilt, and shame. These are deadly emotions that cause all kinds of pain and disease. Continue reading

Are the People in Your Life Contributing to Your Sense of Well-Being or Detracting From it?

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There was a time in my life when I wanted to continue to develop and grow, and those around me didn’t share the same desires. The simple truth was I had to go off and find new people who were growing and evolving like me.

Other times we may have to work side by side with a negative co-worker, or to learn the best ways to communicate with our children. Continue reading

Good Health is More Than Physical Fitness and Nutrition

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As I look back on the past 6 months mourning for a loved one, I clearly see that good health is more than physical fitness and nutrition. While they are the building blocks, it doesn’t stop there! Living through the grieving period has brought me to a larger vision of good health.

I’ve identified 7 dimensions of well-being from the university of California Riverside, a public research university.7 dimensions to well-being

Each of the 7 dimensions contributes to our overall sense of well-being.

Continue reading

Making Peace With My Past – The Best Holiday Gift

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Looking back I remember a period between Christmas and New Years when everyone around me was celebrating and in the holiday spirit. I was not. I was approaching my 10th year in silent misery secretly asking life to bring me peace about my past. I was in a life by default that was clearly not working, and impacted by a history that needed healing and closure.

holiday heal the pastAs I sat in my car reflecting on my life, something prompted me to take a drive to the house I grew up in. I parked my car in front of the house wanting to knock on the door and go inside. I took a deep breath, walked to the front door, and rang the bell. Not knowing where this was going, a Rabbi’s wife answered the door. I broke down and asked her Continue reading

Resolving Inner Conflict

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Resolving inner conflict is a behavior pattern I’ve grappled with for as far back as I can remember. What I have learned over time is to identify and remove the triggers that control us and cause discomfort in our mind and bodies. It often feels easier to resolving inner conflictdistract ourselves from having to look at various situations in our lives. We have a drink or go shopping, but that doesn’t mean the emotions held inside are gone! Pushing away annoying thoughts only make them appear more intense when they arise. It’s the resistance to the flow of energy that causes the pain and tension we often feel.

Emotions are energy and Continue reading

Rediscovering Me

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This summer I took a trip to Sanibel Island myself. With my suitcase and books on tape in hand, I recognized that for the first time in a long time I was feeling the effects of the great divide. The divide between my mind and my body. The divide between being there for others and being there for myself. Feeling depleted and sucked dry I asked myself “What about me?“ In that moment I knew that I had to disengage and let everyone around me stand on their own. Wayne Dyer says “Anything that divides us weakens us.”

When I returned friends asked “How was your vacation?”. I took a moment before sharing the truth. Continue reading

Here’s a New Twist to Yoga!

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I decided a long time ago that it was not okay for anyone else to struggle with anxiety and nervous tension as I did most of my life. On the outside, I looked like I had everything under control but inside I was struggling to keep it together. My mind was always jumping around from the kids, to my job, to my marriage and so on producing everything from aches and pains, to mood disorders. Continue reading

Press Pause and Breathe!

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Throughout the years, I’ve allowed my fitness practice to evolve as I continue to grow. Yoga has taught me how to explore my life as well as my body. I see Yoga as a tool for self-regulation, self- exploration, and self-awareness. It allows us to get in touch with our unexpressed emotions and can release them through our body!

Without breathing we wouldn’t be alive but ironically most people don’t pay attention to how they breathe until they have trouble breathing! The breath connects the mind and the body so by developing your ability to pay attention to your breath, by being aware of your breathing, something way beyond the physical happens!yoga class delray beach Continue reading