3 Ways to Feed Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Body Mind Spirit

If you’re like most of us, you’re used to hurrying around throughout your day hoping to reach the bottom of your To Do list. Slowing down is the last thing we consider as we feel the pressure to keep on going. Does this sound like you? It certainly was me!

Here are 3 ways to nurture yourself and reduce the feeling of overwhelm.

#1 Get Outside!

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Dancing Through Life

Intuition Optimism

I am the Eternal Optimist so I find the little silver linings, the golden nuggets, the moral victories in life.
Allison Miller | LiveSmartCoaching.com
I can tell you why adversity happens. Just because of our reaction to it. God arranged it, to see what is inside of us. How do we behave in hard times? No one gets excited about final exams but we don’t get promoted until we take the test. Why is this happening to me, we ask. It’s a test and if you pass the test you get through your journey a whole lot faster. If you don’t pass, you get to take the test over again! So how do we test something? Continue reading

Release the Issues in Your Tissues!

Body Yoga

I love all kinds of movement and express myself through it. Being a group fitness instructor personal trainer, and Yoga teacher has allowed me to share what I have learned.

What I want to share is…

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A toxic body is a tired body and will accelerate aging because of exposure to toxins and free radical damage in the cells!  Through the practice of breath work we open blocks and move waste away from the organs! Continue reading

DANCE FITNESS/YOGA 6 Week Fitness Series

Body Mind Yoga

I love all kinds of movement and express myself through it. As far back as I can remember, music and dance always provided me with the great escape from the daily demands of life. I knew that after the dance, I felt better, more uplifted, more energized, and more balanced. Over time I came to realize that it was my mind that craved it and my body was coming along for the ride!1524720_228768603913498_1229859962_n
Becoming Fitness allowed me to share what I have learned over the years and inspire others to feel good in their mind as well as their bodies! Continue reading