Good Health is More Than Fitness and Nutrition

Every day I continue to learn that good health is more than fitness and nutrition! Emotional fitness is an important piece in the 7 dimensions of wellness.

Emotional health affects our physical body greatly by changing cell structure and creating hormonal imbalances, not to mention how it wreaks havoc on our mind!

Emotional health is the ability to resolve even the most difficult challenges of your life. It requires us to let go of the toxic emotions of fear, anger, resentment, guilt, and shame. These are deadly emotions that cause all kinds of pain and disease.

If you stuff it down, your mind may have forgotten it but your body is still affected by what you stuffed! Why should you poison your mind and body because of something that someone said to you years ago! If unchecked, we lose our vital force energy. Chinese medicine calls it “Chi”. When it gets depleted, even if with the best of intentions to stay positive, we can’t because our bodies are out of balance and depleted!

Acupuncture is one of those modalities that restores inner balance to the body by stimulating energy pathways to restore a sense of well-being.

Begin today to release these toxic emotions so you can live lighter, happier, and have more energy for the things you love!

It’s important to me as a Health & Fitness Coach to support my clients in stretching their limits and creating a lifestyle plan that results in less fatigue, and more energy so you can reach your goals with zest and enthusiasm and remain independent in later years!

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