Here’s a New Twist to Yoga!

I decided a long time ago that it was not okay for anyone else to struggle with anxiety and nervous tension as I did most of my life. On the outside, I looked like I had everything under control but inside I was struggling to keep it together. My mind was always jumping around from the kids, to my job, to my marriage and so on producing everything from aches and pains, to mood disorders.

Because of the turmoil I was in, I spent many years creating a lifestyle and fitness practice that identified and eliminated all my symptoms restoring my mental and emotional health.

I figured out how to add a new twist on the ancient healing practice of yoga which I call LifeCoach Yoga. LifeCoach Yoga is a holistic mind/body approach to prevention and also promotes the body to heal itself. It combines breathwork with gentle yoga. By developing your ability to pay attention to your breath, something way beyond the physical happens! Breathwork and mindfulness allows us to get in touch with unexpressed emotions so we can move them through and out of the body!

I’m hosting a workshop on Saturday, June 27th which is for those who want to stay young and energized, live a strong life free of mental and physical pain, and who want to live a life from their deepest desires.

the difference between fitness and wellness

It’s absolutely my passion to provide deep healing services through mind/body fitness that anyone can benefit from. Let’s stay strong together!

Join me….. for this transformational workshop….

Because it’s not about the shape of your body, it’s about the shape of your life~

CLICK HERE NOW to read about the upcoming workshop and register for the Early Bird Special (bring a friend for free!).

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