Resolving Inner Conflict

Resolving inner conflict is a behavior pattern I’ve grappled with for as far back as I can remember. What I have learned over time is to identify and remove the triggers that control us and cause discomfort in our mind and bodies. It often feels easier to resolving inner conflictdistract ourselves from having to look at various situations in our lives. We have a drink or go shopping, but that doesn’t mean the emotions held inside are gone! Pushing away annoying thoughts only make them appear more intense when they arise. It’s the resistance to the flow of energy that causes the pain and tension we often feel.

Emotions are energy and energy simply wants to move through us. When we learn to be fully with what is rather than resisting and pushing our feelings away, we develop a deep awareness where we are holding those emotions in our body.

Since many people I have worked with have trouble releasing negative emotions, I created a program with a guided meditation that will identify your personal triggers, and free up your energy to help you feel greater peace and harmony.

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