Are the People in Your Life Contributing to Your Sense of Well-Being or Detracting From it?

There was a time in my life when I wanted to continue to develop and grow, and those around me didn’t share the same desires. The simple truth was I had to go off and find new people who were growing and evolving like me.

Other times we may have to work side by side with a negative co-worker, or to learn the best ways to communicate with our children.

The ability to relate to others and connect in a genuine way is how we thrive and maintain positive relationships that enhance our sense of well-being and create community.

Social Wellness is an integral part of good health because it creates a loving support system where individuals can learn, grow, share, and contribute to the well-being of others.

It involves cultivating good communication skills that help the relationship flourish in a healthy way. It demonstrates to others that you are open and willing to listen to them so they feel heard. This serves us well both in our personal and professional lives!

Since many individuals I work with have challenges with others, I’ve created a guided meditation Resolving Inner Conflict that will help you identify your personal triggers and release them for greater peace and harmony.

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how to resolve inner conflict

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