Rediscovering Me

This summer I took a trip to Sanibel Island myself. With my suitcase and books on tape in hand, I recognized that for the first time in a long time I was feeling the effects of the great divide. The divide between my mind and my body. The divide between being there for others and being there for myself. Feeling depleted and sucked dry I asked myself “What about me?“ In that moment I knew that I had to disengage and let everyone around me stand on their own. Wayne Dyer says “Anything that divides us weakens us.”

When I returned friends asked “How was your vacation?”. I took a moment before sharing the truth. “It wasn’t a vacation, I yoga fitness instruction Delray Beachreplied. It was a journey back to myself. Kind of like an eat, pray, love pilgrimage. I was pulled off balance by putting the needs of others before my own. By feeling that I had the ability to keep everyone’s life working well at the cost of my own physical and mental well-being.”

As the busyness of the fall begins stay in touch with your needs, wants and desires as you help your family achieve their own.  Listen to your body. It has so much to tell you about your life.

Can you relate? Please comment below.

Body Mind Spirit

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