Press Pause and Breathe!

Throughout the years, I’ve allowed my fitness practice to evolve as I continue to grow. Yoga has taught me how to explore my life as well as my body. I see Yoga as a tool for self-regulation, self- exploration, and self-awareness. It allows us to get in touch with our unexpressed emotions and can release them through our body!

Without breathing we wouldn’t be alive but ironically most people don’t pay attention to how they breathe until they have trouble breathing! The breath connects the mind and the body so by developing your ability to pay attention to your breath, by being aware of your breathing, something way beyond the physical happens!yoga class delray beach

In fact, utilizing breathing techniques will give you a sense of control that you don’t have otherwise. Staying connected to your breath will help you get grounded and can keep you from feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.

Breathwork combined with yoga is all the more powerful. The combination allows us to experience peace and ease in our mind and body on the mat and out in the world.

Are you ready to reduce your stress and anxiety by moving tension out of your body?

Wouldn’t you like more energy and concentration?

What would you do for better sleep?

Then take action now. But take action for the best reasons. Take action to create a better sense of health and well-being because it’s not about the shape of your body, it’s about the shape of your life.

Learn breathing techniques along with gentle yoga to quiet the mind and energize your body.


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