Yoga For Pickleball game strengthening

 Up Your Game with Yoga for Pickleball!

Yoga for Pickleball is a mind/body approach to Pickleball fitness that provides the necessary training to enhance overall player performance. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports today and players everywhere are benefiting from yoga’s approach to physical training.

Pickleball is a relatively low impact sport with repetitive movements that can still puts a strain on the body which can lead to injuries. Pickleball demands more from a player’s dominant side (their paddle hand side), resulting in repetitive misalignment that can put uneven wear and tear on that side of the body.

There are many shots that are affected by restriction. An effective backhand requires a full rotation of spine, shoulder, ribs, and hips. The spine is required to coil during the phases of the backhand stroke with extensive reaching. The repetitive nature of the shots along with bending and twisting puts wear and tear on the body. The more you can turn your trunk and reach safely, the better your performance. If your body cannot execute rotation of the spine you are still going to have a hard time no matter how many lessons you for pickleball delray beach

Yoga stretches the hips, groin, chest, and shoulders to increase ease of movement and range of motion allowing the players to execute their shots with more ease.  It strengthens knees, thighs, and ankles to increase speed of footwork when moving around the court.

Yoga for Pickleball will strengthen your upper body and forearms as well as strengthen hips for better weight shifts and maximize hip rotation for the back swing and follow through. Players will enter their game with more ease to execute their best shots!

  • Improve forehand and backhand ground strokes, and overhead lobs
  • Stretch and strengthen specific muscles
  • Increase power and distance
  • Improve balance, focus, and concentration
  • Develop a strong core
  • Reduce chance of injury

  Pickleball Fitness Group Sessions Available.

9 or More Players
3 to 8 Players

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